2011 - my year

New Year's eve is tomorrow - how did the time go so fast?! I will give you some pics from the Christmas cruise later, now it's time to check how my year 2011 was before celebrating the new one! :)


1. Have you found a new friend during this year?
Yes - many of them! I have met such amazing people and I couldn't be happier with all these new friends I have in my life.

2. Have you done something you haven't done before?
I went places I haven't visited before - like Milan, Disneyland (Paris) and Mont Blanc. All the trips were cool and I will remember them always. What else... I was in a limousine for the first time, lol. 

3. Have you been in a relationship during this year?
Yes I have.

4. Tell couple of your best memories from this year?
Oh my, just couple? This year has been amazing and I have had good moments with all my friends so it's really hard to pick just couple. Well summer days in Lyon were like time of my life. All those warm days in Parc Miribel or by the river Rhône (mostly with my best friend Ankku). All those funny moments with the kids I was taking care of. All the moments when I was dancing like a crazy with my friends without thinking anything else. Staring at the Independence day's firework. Coming back to Finland and doing a barbecue party to my friends, celebrating my birthday with my friends, visiting Lyon in November, getting accepted to university...

5. Did you fall out apart with some of your friends?
Thank god I did not!


1. Have you changed a lot during this year?
I don't know. Maybe my family or friends would know better. But I guess I have became little bit more independent while I was living abroad and I needed to manage all new things myself. I also learned a lot about myself and about responsibility while taking care of children. I think I also appreciate my family and friends more after being away. 

2. Have you got more weight?
Ha. Living in a country of croissants and cheeses and wines... Well I guess my size is still the same. 

3. Have you got a ban anywhere?
Hahaha no I haven't.

4. Have you been alone in a cinema?
No - and I wouldn't ever do that. You need someone to speculate with and someone's hand to crap if you are scared - as I am really easily.

5. Have you taken a piercing or a tattoo this year?
No I haven't but I will take a new tattoo TOMORROW!!


1. Who was the best acquaintance of this year?
 Nooo this is one awful question because I made so many friends during this year. But I could say Fabrice and Mia as well, because I got to know her better during this year and she is one of a kind! <3

2. Did you keep your New Year's promises? 
I did a post - in finnish though - about promises to this year (http://lottanana.blogspot.com/2011/01/lupauksia-vuodelle-2011.html) and in a nutshell I promised to exercise more (I didn't start playing volleyball in Lyon and I did not find a new hobby after my African dance like I was planning, but I DID some jogging), not to eat white bread or croissants that much (I guess I kinda forgot this one...), to do everything that I could to be accepted to school (check!) and not to buy stuff - mostly clothes and bags - without thinking (in fact, I haven't done shopping that much this year).

3. Did someone close to you gave birth?

4. Did someone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?
I don't count France and Finland so I have visited just Italy (twice) and Latvia once. And that's it :(

6. What would you like to have/experience/do in year 2012 that you didn't do in year 2011?
Because I have traveled just inside of Europe I would like to travel more far away. Can't wait to have a chance (and money) to visit Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States...

7. What is this year's day you will always remember?
One specific day? I don't know, there's so many. 

8. The biggest accomplishment of this year?
I think it's getting in to university :)

9. And the biggest failure?
Actually I can't think single one - that's a good thing I guess? :)

10. Did you suffer of some injury?
Hahaha I don't even remember how many times I have fallen over :D I'm such a walking disaster. But no, I didn't get any serious injury. Just some bruises and broken tights...

11. What was the best thing you bought?
The best thing I bought... All the flights to Milan, Lyon and Helsinki I guess :D Okay and one beautiful pair of heels, lol. Like I said before, I haven't done that much shopping this year.

12. Who's behavior deserved the most commendation?
The most of my thanks go probably to Ankku. She has been there for me, talking about everything and nothing, laughing, crying, dancing, hanging out. Always when I needed someone to talk to or someone not to talk to, she helped me. When I've been crying like a crazy, she has come over my place with chocolate and strawberries - that's how she is.
But I do want to thank my friends in Finland as well. Even if I was away for one year, they waited me and they are still in my life. I appreciate that sooo much.

13. Who's behavior caused most anxiety?
Two answers: Men's and mine :D

14. What did you buy with most of your money?
Probably clothes... 

15. What got you most excited or happy?
Many things. Visiting Milan, Disneyland and the Alps. My family and friends visiting me in Lyon. Making new friends, learning french, enjoying warm days, coming back home (though it was the saddest thing at the same time), my nephews, finding two jobs, getting in to university. My best friends EVER.

16. The people of the year 2011?
Ankku, mum, dad, Jenni, Mia, Jade, Meredith, Fabrice, Viivi, Heini, Senni, Anni, my sisters...

17. Comparing the last year at the same time as now, are you more happier or sadder right now? 
I am way more happier now - for sure. At this time last year I was sadder than I have ever been and kinda lost. Now I have more balance and happiness in my life :)

18. ... Fatter or thinner?
Ha, pretty much the same.

19. ...Richer or poorer? 
Hahah I guess poorer... :D 

20. Do you hope you would have done something more?
Yes. I hope I would have been better person to some people. I hope I would have been more clear to some people. I hope I would have traveled more. I hope I would have done more exercise.

21. Do you hope you would have done something less?
This is also the one I can't find the answer so maybe I don't have anything like that. Less stupid stuff to some people?

22. How are you going to spend your Christmas?
I went to a Christmas cruise to Riga with my family.

23. If you could go backward in time and change one thing of this past year, what would you change?
I will not share that in here :) But let's say I would be less stupid.

24. Did you fall in love in year 2011?
Well... maybe. Yeah. Kind of.

25. How many one night stands did you have? 
I will not share this either in here :)

26. What was the best TV-show you watched?
X Factor US - for sure :D

27. Do you hate someone you didn't hate this time last year?
I don't hate anyone.

28. What was the best book you read?
I am just reading a book I had as a Christmas present, The Help. I guess this is the best book I have ever read. This is so good, a true story from 60's when African American maids were working for white people. One white woman starts to write a book about maids and their rights. Or to be more correct - about their rights they don't have... This is a book everyone should read.

29. What was the best musical find?
Beyoncé has always been one of my favorite singers but OH MY - the album "4" is amazing, strong and influential. It has became very important for me. And I have always loved Adele as well but this year she has been amazingly good and her new album was pure love: full of good songs that really have an effect on me and some of those are like straight from my life. Some of new founds for me were Nneka and Imany. From french music I could say Corneille, Gage and Colonel Reyel. 

30. What did you want - and got as well?
I wanted to have a lot of experiences and friends, I wanted to learn french and about french culture. I wanted to be a good person and I wanted to know myself better. I wanted to settle in well back to Finland and I wanted to get in to university. And well, I guess I mostly made it.

31.What did you want but did not get?
I wanted to know what I want in life but I'm still kind of lost but things are getting better and I believe I will know someday. I also wanted to travel more in France but I couldn't make it.

32. What was your favorite movie of the year?
I didn't watch that much new ones, so these are just my favorites in this year not made this year :) The Orphanage (El Orfanato, 2007) was really, really good horror/thriller movie and I was super scared :D (Sorry Ankku for being annoying). It is done well and watcher has no idea what it's going to happen in the end. Different kind of horror movie for sure. And in rainy days in summer we watched a lot of old Disney movies for children (the best ones!!) and I looove them! 

33. What did you do on your birthday?
On my actual birthday I was working but on the day after I made a little party to my friends; closest friends together, eating and drinking and later dancing a lot in a club :)

34. Who did you miss during this year?
There has been - and still is - a lot of missing in this year. When I was living in France, I missed so much my family and friends. Now, when I'm in Finland I miss my friends from Lyon. I think of them all the time and it hurts me so bad.

35. What or who made you stay sane?
Like someone could help with that... :D Well Ankku has helped me a lot (though sometimes our adventures has been little bit insane) with everything. Also my mum helps me always. I also want to thank my au pair mum to listening me and giving me really good advises during my year in France. She has no idea how she helped me with a lot of things.


1. Have you ended up in a fight?
No :D

2. Have you done anything without permission? 
Hmm... It depends where you need a permission to ;) Ha, no I don't think so.

3. Have you got totally wasted? 
Well... yeah.

4. During this year, have you done something you have regretted after?
I could have done something little bit better but basically I regret nothing. I just live like I live as truly myself. If I do mistakes, I try to learn from them. 

I've done all this during this year. And those things made my year unforgettable. I hope my next year will be as amazing as the year 2011 :)

Happy New Year everyone! Let us all have an amazing new year! 

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Right now I'm somewhere here walking, enjoying, taking pictures, watching beautiful buildings and hanging out with my family...

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Silloin kun jouluvaloja ei ole liikaa ja kun joululaulut ei soi ihan joka liikkeessä, ja kynttilöitä on sopivasti eikä lahjoja liikaa, vaan pelkästään tärkeille ihmisille ja ajatuksella ostettuja, mä voisin sanoa tykkääväni joulun odotuksesta. Mutta en siitä häslingistä, stressistä ja liikaostamisesta kun porukka sekoaa täyteen ahdatuissa liikkeissä. Sitä, kun on pakko ostaa sille kaverin kaverillekin lahja, hikoilla toppatakissa liikkeessä, jossa soi Britneyn joulubiisi, en ole koskaan ymmärtänyt. Mutta jokainen tavallaan.

En ole myöskään koskaan ymmärtänyt sanaa joulusiivous. Kun siivoaa tasasin väliajoin, ei varmaan tarvitse käyttää ihanaa, rauhallista joulunodotusta mihinkään jynssäämiseen? :D Valoja päälle ihmiset.

Me lähdetään perheen ja sukulaisten kanssa pakoon tätä kaikkea jouluristeilylle ja se sopii meille kaikille enemmän kun mainiosti. Täti olisi kuitenkin laivalla töissä joulun, joten tällä tavalla se saa olla myös lastensa kanssa ja ollaan kaikki porukassa :) Ei tarvitse tehdä mitään jouluruokiakaan kotona vaan laivan joulubuffet here we come!! (Tullaan Tapaninpäivänä kotiin, jolloin meen kyllä iskälle syömään kotijouluruokaa, koska iskällä syöminen jossain vaiheessa joulua on varmaan ainut perinne joka mulla on ja siitä pidän kiinni ja noh - niillä nyt vaan on aina tosi hyvää ruokaa.)

Nyt pitäisi purkaa matkalaukku, kun tulin spontaanilta Oulun reissulta takaisin kotiin. Ja sitten pakata se uudestaan, mutta onhan tässä yö aikaa :D Hyvää joulua kaikille!

Santa is in the town.

I decided to do a little translation every time in the end of the post in case there is someone not Finnish reading my blog. (So basically Meredith, this is for you xD)

Christmas is coming indeed and people are going crazy when shopping way too much and decorating some Christmas stuff way too much. When there's not too much Christmas lights and not too awful Christmas songs and people are NOT getting crazy and shopping way too much stuff they actually don't need, I could say I like Christmas. We are heading to a Christmas cruise with my family, just hanging out and eating ( a lot) together. I could not wish nothing more, just being together with the people I love :)

Now I should pack to the Christmas cruise and then get some sleep :) Merry Christmas everyone!!


I have a tattoo fever

pics: weheartit.com

EDIT: Löysin ditydeal.fi -sivulta hupputarjouksen, millä sain 100 euron lahjakortin 40 eurolla. Että se tatska tuleekin ihan pian ;) Jeeee oon oottanut jo toista ihanaa <3

En mä pystynytkään jättämään blogiani <3


Lyon is the place to be

Mistä mä edes alotan... Kuusi päivää Lyonissa oli aivan liian vähän, vaikka ehdin tehdä paljon ja nähdä monia ystäviä - niin vanhoja kuin uusiakin. Siitä rakastan Lyonia varmaan eniten; aina tapahtuu jotakin, joka paikassa on aina ihmisiä, aina tutustuu uusiin ihmisiin. 

Mä punkkasin enimmikseen Mian luona ja siitä graaand merci sulle <3 Oli todella, todella ihanaa, että oli paikka jossa sai nukkua, pitää kamojaan (kahden matkalaukun raahaaminen joka yö eri paikkoihin olisi ollut vähintäänkin mielenkiintoista) ja välillä vaan käydä vaihtamassa vaatteita ja taas jatkaa menoa. Siitä myös pieni anteeksipyyntö; mun matkalaukku/vaate/laukku/kenkä -kasa oli sekin myös vähintään mielenkiintoinen välillä :D

Koko vajaa viikko oli todella täysi, mutten jaksanut stressata väsymyksestä (joka sitten näkyi kotiin tultua...), vaan halusin mennä täysillä ja nähdä mahdollisimman paljon mun ystäviä ja vaan nauttia. Mä hengasin paljon Mian kanssa tottakai, mutta sen lisäksi oli niin ihanaa nähdä Jade! Sitä tyttöä oli ollut ikävä ja sen tytön takia myös olisin toivonu vierailevani pidempään, että ois saanu viettää aikaa enemmän yhdessä. Ja Meredith, mun rakkauteni Jenkeistä. Oon niin onnellinen, että oon tavannut noin upeen tytön ja oon myös onnellinen siitä, että ollaan yhteyksissä viikoittain ja tiedetään koko ajan mitä toiselle kuuluu. This girl is meant to be in my life! Andrean luona olin yhden yön ja se nyt taas oli yleistä sekoilua, juoruilua ja nauramista ihan liian myöhään yöllä. Andrea on ihana, mutta välillä ihan liian tuuliviiri (kyllä, jopa mun makuun;) ettei sitä joskus meinaa saada kiinni tai ymmärtää missä neiti menee... Joten olin onnellinen, että pääsin hengaan edes pariin kertaan tän neidin kanssa! 

Viikonloppu meni sitten juhliessa ja oli kyllä one crazy weekend. Se riittänee kuvaamaan sitä ihan tarpeeksi :D Paljon ystäviä, paljon shampanjaa, paljon tanssimista. Näin myöskin mun aupair -perhettäni pari kertaa ja voi että, lapset oli jotenkin niin samanlaisia, mutta silti jotenkin kasvanut lyhyessä ajassa. Ne oli ihania ja halailin ja suukottelin niitä koko ajan kun oltiin yhdessä. Toivon, ettei ne koskaan unohda mua, mä en aio koskaan unohtaa niitä, niiden kanssa tekemiä juttuja ja niiden sanomia juttuja. Mä voisin lopettaa tän blogini postaukseen, johon oon kerännyt kaikkia hauskoja juttuja ja neuvoja, joita lapset sanoi ja kertoi vuoden aikana :D Esimerkiksi edes Peppi Pitkätossusta ei löydy järkevää miestä ja hampparit auttaa sydänsuruissa. Näihin palaan myöhemmin, I promise!

Ohjelman täyteisen viikonlopun (perjantaina ja lauantaina juhlimista synttärijuhlineen, yökerhoineen ja tietysti jatkoineen, kavereiden näkemistä, shoppailua, perheen näkemistä ja huvipuistoa ja Fabricen kanssa hengailua) jälkeen maanantai tuli ihan sairaan äkkiä. Vaikka maanantaina piti pakata ja lähteä, oon silti tosi ylpeä itsestäni, sillä ehdin hengailla Fabricen kanssa jopa muutaman tunnin (se joutu pakkaamaan mun puolesta ja sai ihmetellä miksi pitää olla kuudet kengät kuudelle päivälle), lounastin Meredithin kanssa ja sitten hengasin Mialla vielä pari tuntia. Sitten pitikin jo lähteä kohti Part-Dieun juna-asemaa, josta otin Rhône Express -junan kentälle... Tähän kaupunkiin tulen vielä palaamaan monia kertoja, se on varma. Se on mun toinen koti, joka tuntuu niin omalta ja ihmiset on upeita. Lyon is the place to be.

Nyt sitten oon palaillut arkeen mitä kummallisimmalla unirytmillä, ollut töissä ja oottelen kouluista tietoa jos pääsisin joskus opiskelemaan. Oon päättänyt, että jos ei pian ala tärppäämään Suomen kouluissa, lähden ulkomaille opiskelemaan :) Mutta tällä erää aion käydä töissä, miettiä suuntaa elämälle ja alan suunnittelemaan uuden vuoden matkaa Ankun kanssa... ;)

Kiitos kaikille, jotka luki mun blogia vuoden aikana, on ollut ihanaa kertoa teille mun elämästä ja saada kommentteja ja keskusteluja teidän kanssa, ootte ollut supereita <3 Se on sitten laters ja muistakaa olla young, wild and free without any regrets!! Pus

I had an awesome week back in Lyon. Meeting my friends, hanging out, partying, shopping and also meeting my au pair -family <3 I love Lyon.